Move to Strengthen Security Resilience & Preparedness for Cyber Threats

Following several measures undertaken to further improve information and systems security at Juspay, we have appointed Verizon Business to conduct an independent PCI Forensic Investigation (PFI). We have also appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to undertake a comprehensive audit of policies, protocols, and technologies. These would help enhance resilience and preparedness to mitigate threats from unlawful cyber-attacks.

We take the responsibility of securing the information entrusted to us very seriously. Whilst our threat response protocols helped us terminate the cyber threat in a swift manner; we have learnt a lot from this unlawful attempt by cyber criminals to steal customer data. With the work undertaken by both Verizon and PwC, we want to combine their global expertise with our experience to ensure that we are more cyber resilient and better prepared to face and defeat similar threats in the future. …



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